Manned Guarding

A security officer is not only a deterrent to would be intruders he is also an asset to your business. They can provide access, collect deliveries, report site issues and become an integral part of your team.

Security Dog Handlers

Professional guard dogs are highly trained and are less likely to get distracted by talking or other noises. A dog’s hearing is four times more sensitive than humans. They can hear an intruder better and faster than we can and can be more effective in larger or more complicated spaces than a security guard.

Fire Marshals and Banksman

If you run a business, there is a possibility you are responsible for appointing a competent person who has adequate training in fire marshalling. Speak to us now and we will advise on the best solution for you.

24/7 control room

Keeping an eye on CCTV feed can be quite a difficult task. Experienced guards know what to look out for, which areas to focus on and how to effectively monitor your site. Our experienced control room staff are able to respond to issues seen on camera by contacting yourself, service contractors or emergency services.

Reception / Front of House

The staff provided by Circle FM will help with administrative tasks as well as assist with visitors and deliveries. Our reception staff are highly trained with second to none customer service skills and excellent presence. Not only are they able to do this but they can also be qualified security officers being able to provide dual services.


Our concierge service is not only a polite team that will greet your guests and deal with phones. They are trained in security too so diffusing unwanted situations is something in their nature too. They will also keep an eye on who is accessing your premises and work closely with your guards.

Safety is our speciality

Providing security solution for our clients has been our main focus for years! We have experienced all types of risk situations and prevented hundreds of incidents from happening. Our highly trained security personnel are there to keep your property safe and sound, saving you hundreds of thousands of pounds in possible losses.

We can comfortably work with residential properties as well as large places like construction sites and shopping centres. Our undivided focus and attention to detail allow us to spot risks to the security of your site before it is compromised.

Every one of our security guards passed a series of difficult security tests, rigorous background checks and are well-accredited. Our dog handlers carry out additional courses and are regularly assessed through our in-house trainers. Nothing turns off criminals more than security personnel with well-trained dogs; after all, when undoubtedly, during the chase our four-legged defenders have a major speed advantage.

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