Property inspection

During occupancy downtime, it is of utmost importance to secure your property against theft and vandalism whilst also making sure that your gas, electrics and water do not malfunction and cause damage. We fully inspect the property from a security and maintenance perspective.

Lockup and unlock services

If you live far away or do not have the time but have a vacant property then you might want to consider having someone locally to keep the key to let in prospective buyers, renters or contractors. Our friendly staff will happily assist and will professionally represent you when you are not available.

Security patrols

Our vehicles have had innovative tracking and auditing systems installed along with dash cam recording and safety kits. Everything we need to look after our clients. They are ready to deploy to carry out site security patrols across Greater London.


If your front of house is covered by your own team but you only need help with keyholding then give us a try. We can provide access control or key management for contractors/tenants when needed.

Visits to spot and avoid problems

Our mobile security team is the perfect solution for high risk properties. Their presence alone can deter thieves and squatters. However, they can patrol occupied premises too! They will ensure that no one is around where the property is shut for the public and staff. The visits can also take place in residential areas, for example when you go for a long holiday and your worried about your home and belongings.

The mobile patrol team can also help assess or spot damage - after a storm or heavy weather conditions for example, we can evaluate and inspect the safety and security of your facility; ensuring that the security hasn't been compromised or provide you with an inspections report on safety/damage issues, allowing you to fix them before they pose risk to your staff, visitors or property.

If you decide to use our services, we will ensure the times of our visits change so whoever is watching your property does not spot a pattern to use to their advantage. Our mobile patrol is not just a person behind a wheel that will just drive around. We will ensure that all access points are checked and secure and will look at your property like it is our own.

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